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Friday, June 04, 2004

long short day 

half-day fridays started at work this week (one of my favorite perks at my job). they run from the week after memorial day to the week before labor day. i spent mine trying to get my hdd set up on my ps2 so i could play final fantasy xi. i bought the game, network adapter, and hdd on monday, seemed to install fine, but i couldn't connect to playonline. so i set it aside for a few days. since today was a nasty rainy day, i decided to try it again. my ps2 wouldn't even recognize the hdd. i called sony support, who suggested that i send them my ps2 for repair. then i asked if i should just try exchanging the hdd first. duh. but i had already thrown away my receipt from eb games. and i couldn't get the store to answer the phone. so i drove out to the 'burbs in the rain to one of our "fabulous" new outdoor malls. yay. fortunately a manager was there and let me exchange the game/hdd without my receipt. but that particular store didn't have any more in stock. there was another eb games nearby, so they called and authorized the exchange there. (on a funny side note, the guy working at this store was one of the people who picked one me in 8th grade. there's something to be said for being a geek growing up.) i also stopped at radio shack and picked up an optical input switch and extra cables so we can now listen to both the xbox and ps2 through our stereo receiver.

when i got home, i installed the new hdd and set up my playonline account. the account creation process takes forever. if you're looking into it, invest in the ps2 controller/keyboard. it will make the process a little bit faster. then i tried to play final fantasy xi, but there were about 1600+ files that had to be updated for the game. the whole process was very frustrating. since it took about 3 hours to get everything set up, i didn't have the mental energy to actually play. the game comes with a thick instruction book, and i bought the strategy guide as well, so i have some reading to do before i play the game. at least everything is working. and i know i'll be up early as always on saturday, so i can read some and play some later in the day.


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