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Friday, May 14, 2004

too many questions 

i've been reading a lot tonight about nick berg, both conservative and liberal views. it does appear that there's something fishy about the whole situation, and web sites everywhere have their 2 cents. i know the internet is a great haven for conspiracy theorists, and i can't bring myself to watch the video to investigate for myself. (a friend and i have been considering it for a few days, but neither of us are brave enough. maybe that's a good thing.)

i'm sure more will come out about this in the next few weeks. it appears to be a good opportunity to "wag the dog", especially with more sordid details coming out about lynndie england and the prisoner abuse scandal.

all i know is w's appproval rating keeps slipping, which will bode well for the november election. any more incidents like these are gonna keep pushing it down.


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