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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

show up 

i tried to post this yesterday, but my computer was sort of acting funny and msn shut down before i could finish. here i go again!

m and i caught the apc show on sunday. we didn't get back too late either, so that was cool. it was a great show, and we're glad we went. we saw a perfect circle last august, right before thirteenth step came out. their stage show has really evolved over 9 months. they have a good stage set, not too overdone. james iha, maynard, and josh freese are on platforms toward the back of the stage; jeordie and billy stand at the front. there are some trees made of twisted fiberoptic cables, with a few stage lights going up the trunks. and they have a black and white backdrop with their logo.

the band's set has also grown. they improved a lot, lengthening the intros to songs or making one run into the next. if you'll recall, thirteenth step ranked #3 on my top 10 albums list for 2003. and i really enjoy seeing maynard perform with apc more than tool. even though he still hides, he talks to the crowd and cracks jokes. he had the crowd chanting obscenities on command as a sign of protest to the fcc. i will definitely try to see them again the next time they're in the area.

there were two opening acts. mini-KISS, who had great stage presence. unfortunately the sound guy kept cueing up the same tracks, so you could see they weren't really playing. besides, it was a little hard to believe that axe, lightning bolt, and flying v guitars for someone 3 ft' (+/-) are that easy to come by. they did really sing, and the diminutive paul stanley was good. i just think the crowd was just a little too young to really appreciate this group. (which is a whole other subject - the gap between generation x and generation y. maybe i'll blog that tomorrow.)

burning brides was the second opener. this 3 piece totally rocked. and i've found yet another female bass player to emulate as i'm learning to play. (thanks to a friend at work, my bass is all fixed up. and the book i ordered from amazon arrived today, so i can start studying if i happen to have some free time soon.) what's a bit puzzling is that they play two different styles of music. they had some songs that were straight up rock, and they had some that sounded more like hardcore metal. but they played both styles really well. i checked out pitchfork's review of the album, and they felt the same way. but i will definitely download some of their tracks from iTunes!

so the summer show season is off to a good start. and speaking of summer shows, have you seen the lineup for lollapalooza 2004? talk about good stuff! the geographically closest date i've seen (so far) is at merriweather post. august 12 and 13 will definitely (well, hopefully) be two vacation days for me.


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