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Monday, May 17, 2004

just a blur 

i don't have time to link all of the stuff i'm going to write now, but i just wanted to make a quick post about the weekend.

saturday was a good day for sports. the Flyers won game 4, tying up the series, which is exactly how i want it to go. i like both teams, so i want a 7 game fight to the death. we watched the first period at home before heading to the race, but i set up my msn alerts to notify me of each goal, period score, and final score.

the race was very exciting. our seats were pretty low (row 2), so we were a lot closer to the action than at martinsville. even if you aren't into NASCAR, you should try to catch a race. the sheer adrenaline of those cars going by at 130 mph is an experience everyone should have. i can't imagine what it's like at the super-speedways where they top 200 mph. hopefully i'll go to one of those some day too.

yesterday we attended my little sister's graduation at UVA, where she received her B.A. in art history. i am so proud of her!! the day was long, but worth it.

senator john warner spoke, and even though i am typically anti-republican, i really like him. i attended a conference in DC several years ago for the Free Burma Coalition. one day we had to go to Congress to meet with our state's senators. warner's staff took about an hour to listen to us and seemed genuinely interested. VA's other senator at that time (chuck robb, democrat) had no time for us at all. warner's speech was very good, except for a section in the middle where he talked politics/Iraq. still, i don't even the speech from my graduation (by david baldacci), and i will remember this one.

and speaking of just a blur, today is mine and m's first wedding anniversary. it's unbelievable how quickly the year has gone by. they say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but ours has been a breeze. we were talking about that last night and recalled that we haven't had any real arguements and we never had to adjust to living with each other. we are celebrating with dinner out tonight, and we boarded the "kids" (lucy and huygens) so we have the house to ourselves. if our love keeps growing at the current rate, both of our hearts will explode before we reach our fifth anniversary.


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