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Monday, May 31, 2004

good stuff 

well, the show last night was great. the fire theft were just as good live as i had anticipated, and mellowdrone was a treat too. they played first, but they really should have played before tft because the secret machines were pretty bad. i can understand the whole experimental psych rock thing, but they played one song from beginning to end in their set. i found the whole thing very boring, and their drummer absolutely sucked. all he did was bang on the cymbals (and we were right up front so we got the full force of his blasts).

anyway, tft totally made up for the second act. their music just washes over you, just like sdre, where you just close your eyes and sway or nod to the music. m and i both worked on stocking our summer wardrobe with new t-shirts, and we picked up the new mellowdrone ep. my ipod is filling up quickly! i'm 1/3 of the way to max capacity.

i took the digital camera along, but for some reason the battery isn't charging properly. i had basically "one shot" at getting a band photo, and here it is. that's jeremy enigk with the stage lights that are actually dominating the photo. guess we need to get a new lithium battery from sony.

we got to the show early and passed out flyers, stickers, and pins for KEXP, so hopefully the word got spread a little. the people we talked to were very receptive. i tried to get a note to tft, since they played the KEXP Yule Benefit and thought they might say a blurb on stage, but to no avail. i think jeremy's voice was a little strained though, because he spoke very little between songs and when he did he sounded hoarse. he has a reputation for being shy, and dan hoerner did most of the crowd interaction when i saw sdre a few years ago. anyway, at least some more people in the area know about KEXP and how much it rocks.


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