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Saturday, May 15, 2004

fever's rising 

i never thought i would get this excited over nascar, but i am totally stoked because we're going to the richmond race today. richmond is always cool for 2 reasons - it's a short track, and the race happens at night. plus they just resurfaced the track, which made it a faster track. there were 11 cautions in 250 laps during the busch race last night, so i hope there will be an equivalent number for the 400 laps in the nextel race tonight.

one true sign that i've got nascar fever? my southwestern virginia accent magically appeared every time i talked about the race to people at work yesterday. a good amount of people from my office are going, even have season tickets, so you could feel the energy building up throughout the day.

plus the flyers are playing at 3 pm today, so hopefully they'll win this one and tie up the series again. my msn alerts are set to buzz my cell phone at each goal, period ending, and final score.


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