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Thursday, May 13, 2004

cup insanity 

well, tonight is a big night in the NHL, at least for calgary. if they win tonight, they've got a very good chance of making it to the cup finals. and they're on home ice for the next two games, so that should give them a big advantage.

the series between the flyers and the lightning is really heating up. tampa took a beating on monday. they're fast skaters, but philly is a much more physical team. if philly can keep tampa tired out from physical play, then they can win the series. plus they have the home ice advantage for the next two games, and their record at home is stellar.

i'm kinda conflicted about this eastern conference finals series. i love both the flyers and the lighting. i've been watching hockey for a while now, but i didn't really follow a team until m and i started dating. he grew up in south jersey, so he's a fan of philly sports. i think they're a great team (and i was even ticked off because m made me wake up this morning from a dream where we were at a party with the flyers). tampa is more my team though; i started following them last year since i was traveling there so much (and continue to go there this year). my wish for the series? a fight to the death, seven games of hard play. i'll be happy with whoever takes the eastern conference championship title.


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