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Friday, April 23, 2004

more new stuff! 

if you look to the right of this page under the s.o.w. section, you'll notice a new feature called radio.blog. this is a cool little application that i found on the web earlier this week and have been trying to get it to work all week. (i also registered a new domain at www.growingpains.info, but that will only be used to store extra stuff for this site.) well, i'm happy to announce that my radio.blog is up and running as of today. it's a little primitive, and i wish there were a way to randomize the music; but it still works. also, you'll have to click the first track because i haven't gotten autoplay to work yet. version 2.0 is in beta now, and i think it will have a lot of new features.

anyway, enjoy a selection of my favorite tunes. i'm sure i'll be adding more over the weekend, so keep checking back!


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