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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


i know that this entry may seem out of character with consideration to my political tendencies, but i have to talk about something i saw on tv the other night. i'm talking about the new "scientist" commercial from a large pharmaceutical company. when i saw it, i wanted to applaud.

recently, i've been asked at a couple of (social) occasions for my thoughts on the cost of medication. (i'm intentionally avoiding the "d" word so i don't get crazy search engine hits.) the question usually arises when people learn about my occupation. so i talk about the amount of time that it takes to get a new product to market, including the time to develop new actives, manufacture them on a large scale, formulating a delivery system, animal studies, clinical trials, and so on, for a total of 10+ years of work all paid for by the company doing the work. it all adds up to many millions of dollars. and when your patent expires, the generics come in and take away revenue.

so yes, medication can be expensive for the elderly and uninsured. but the pharma industry is a business and must profit in order to stay in business. that's how things work in a capitalist economy. (and i know that defending industry is typically an elephantine view, thus the "out of character" disclaimer.)

now returning to our usual programming

so why can't the government help people out more? i don't really mind paying taxes, except for the extra stuff at the end of the year. (always seems to come at the worst time.) i wouldn't mind paying a little more if it would go to things that help people (healthcare, housing, education, etc.). m and i live a comfortable life for our age, and it would be like donating to charity straight from the paycheck (like united way). but instead we have to send $87b more to fix a mess overseas.

to whom would you prefer to donate your money?


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