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Monday, April 05, 2004

home at last 

so after a lengthy day of travel, including a 1-1/2 hour delay in philadelphia, m and i finally got home. we both felt sort of ill since we set foot in the aiport. my sore throat that i've had since friday has resulted in only having half of my normal voice. plus the flights in and out of philly were quite bumpy. and upon returning home, we discovered that our basement has been invaded by mold (somehow a rug down there got wet). with mold being a major allergen for both of us, we felt even worse last night. you can smell the mold on the first floor of the house, but at least the second floor is okay. needless to say, m is calling today to find some place that can remediate our mold.

i did get to enjoy playing mission: space online last night. this was my favorite part of epcot, and our team won both rounds of our race. plus the ride is freakin' cool. a "must-see" if you ever go to epcot. i was like a kid at christmas, since i was such a space geek as a child.

maybe i'll get to play more from home today, since my doctor's appt. isn't until this afternoon.


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