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Thursday, April 08, 2004

foiled at last 

well, it appears that "the man" has finally beat me. i can no longer connect to the kexp mp3 stream. in fact, i can't connect to any streaming mp3. i guess the firewall at work is blocking all ports for streaming mp3. arg!! at least i have my ipod, but i won't get the same exposure to new bands during the day. i guess i'll have to listen more from home, especially to the archives.

some side notes:

- i'm keeping float on as the s.o.w. for this week. i d/led the new modest mouse cd from musicmatch on tuesday (since i was too sick to go to the record store), and i'm listening to it now. everytime float on comes on, i just start bouncing away in my cube.

- my link to jason's blog has now opened up the whole world of former RVA-ites on the west coast. check out the other players in sf including adam, ginevra, and scott edmonds.

- has anybody noticed the increased length of the past few week's entries? i have to say that this is the most prolific blogging that i've done in a while. my creative bug must be stirring. i hope that i can keep it up!


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