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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

cup crazy 

nhl playoffs start tomorrow. looks like this year will be pretty interesting. tampa should get through round 1 pretty easily. i may have to make another trip to tampa soon, and i hope it will coincide with a lightning home game.

the flyers/devils will go all the way to game 7 for sure. it's cool to that esche is starting; i just hope he's ready for the pressure. he's tougher than brodeur anyway. when i saw the devils in tampa a few weeks ago, marty laid down on the ice for a while after a relatively minor run-in with his own teammate.

i'm intrigued that nashville made it into the playoffs this year, and hope they can rise up against detroit like #7 anaheim did last year. nothing in the west really interests me yet, just as long as the red wings aren't in the cup finals again this year.


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