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Thursday, April 15, 2004

cup crazy part deux 

so i may have been mistaken about a 7 game flyers/devils series in the first round, but i've never been happier about being wrong. i have a co-worker who is a huge devils fan, and he conceded to me today. it's the first time in 3 years that i've ever heard him admit that his team wasn't playing well. eh, they've had a pretty rough year. the next two games are in philly, and jersey doesn't have a good road record now.

but the flyers have a long way to go. i don't know how they'll fare if they have to play the senators. philly has a terrible record against ottowa.

i'm also happy to see the lightning and the bruins doing well in their series. i may truly root for the eastern conference champ in the cup finals this year.

and the predators might actually knock the red wings out of the playoffs. will wonders never cease?

and i'm so excited that my fantasy playoff team at sporting news is first in its league. i loaded up on players from philly, tampa, and vancouver, and they're earning a lot of points right now. this is the first season that i've ever played a fantasy sport, and i'm really happy about doing so well.

more as the playoffs continue!


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