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Monday, March 01, 2004

rambling on 

i haven't had much time to blog lately, mostly because of an enormous amount of work, so i'll try to catch up in a few random paragraphs.

~ m and i are both on the road again today. at least it's a quick trip for me. i'll be home tomorrow, and m will return tomorrow or wednesday. the puppies are at the kennel again. it's always hard to take them, but i think they enjoy it while they're there. at least huygens gets enthused about it. he almost ripped my arm out of the socket while trying to run up to the gate this morning.

~ gorgeous weather this weekend; wish i could have enjoyed it more. after a nice evening out on friday with 2 couples at a new-ish restaurant, i spent the rest of the weekend on the couch thanks to a wicked bout of nausea. i feel a little bit better today.

~ dinner was great on friday. we went out with one married couple and one engaged couple. i think we're going to get together with the same group on a monthly basis. funny thing - our ages ranged from 27 to 30+, and we all got carded when ordering drinks.

~ m started blogging regularly again. it's mostly technical stuff, but if you're so persuaded, check it out.

~ i am dying for a new album to come out that i just can't live without. this years' releases have yet to include anything earth-shattering.

more from jersey, later tonight.


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