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Monday, March 15, 2004

boss for a day 

in my recent apprentice-related media reading craze, i came upon an article from a large city daily newspaper (maybe chicago or detroit) where local "celebrities" were asked who they would fire if given one chance to fire anyone they felt was doing a less than satisfactory job.

so here's my two cents.

i would fire the lame furniture stores that have "once in a lifetime" sales every other weekend. if you live in richmond, you know who i'm talking about. namely this one and its doppelganger. the n.c. co. just went out of business and re-opened (of course reaping the benefits of going out of business and grand opening sales), and i just saw a commercial for the other place's going out of business sale. wonder if they'll re-open in a month. i'd almost bet on it.

so to shiesty purveyors of home furnishings everywhere, you're fired!


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