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Monday, February 09, 2004

snow daze 

back from snowshoe today, and i'm happy to report that it was a good trip. we stayed in a beautiful house, and the company was great. all of m's co-workers are really cool. we were stuck in the house on friday since the mountain was closed due to an ice storm, and it was a good opportunity to get to know people.

we were able to hit the slopes on thursday afternoon, even though it was sleeting. goggles were a necessity, but riding was good, especially thanks to the new bindings i picked up on wednesday. also, i rode for the first time with a helmet. i didn't have any issues with balance or vision from the helmet, and i would highly recommend them to anyone, no matter how experienced you are (i've been riding for 6 years). the slopes were pretty icy on saturday, and when riding down the edge of an ungroomed trail, i encountered a huge patch of ice where i couldn't turn my board and ended up hugging a tree. i got some bruises on my knees and small abrasions on my cheek and chin, but my helmet did an awesome job of protecting my head. i didn't even get a headache and continued riding until almost the end of the day.

all in all, i think i did well considering that my plans to work out this year have not yet gone into action. if i can ride well when not in top shape, i'll kick a@@ after i'm fit.


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