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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


somehow i got sucked in to american idol 3 after watching all of the funny audition episodes. i don't listen to pop music, and i would probably never buy any music by an american idol winner, but i do consider myself a fair judge of musical talent (i.e. i can appreciate skill even though i'm not in to the music). i have to say that tonight's contestants were awful. i feel sorry for the people that vote on this competition, because tonight is a tough choice. in fact, i think they should give tonight's slots to other contestants who are more deserving. i was really disappointed to see jennifer hudson lose her spot in the top 3 because america voted for a pretty face (with a bad picture) instead of talent. but, again, this is why i probably wouldn't buy any music by an american idol winner.

i might have to amend this post, if fantasia ends up winning the contest. she is by far the most talented contestant i've seen on any season. she'll probably be voted off soon, but i hope that simon's prediction is true and that she'll get a record contract without winning the competition. maybe she'll be on emusic and i can d/l her album as part of my monthly fare.

aside: i am now watching more reality tv than i have in my entire life. besides the idols, i'm following the apprentice, the real world, and (sort of)my big fat obnoxious fiance. honestly, i can't figure out why half of these people would want to be on tv and am appalled at the lack of shame some of these people have. yeah, i want "cast member of the real world" on my resume so people can check out the season highlights and find out i "hooked up" with one of the roommates within a week of meeting them. not saying i'm perfect, just that i have a good amount of shame attached to past transgressions. anyone remember when "the real world" was about meeting and living with different kinds of people, not who can make out with whom faster? and i am ashamed of my reality show watching habits. am i really interested, or is it because there is nothing else on tv?


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