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Monday, February 23, 2004


while working on our (much-belated, shame on me) wedding thank-yous last week, i came across one name that i can't send a card to anymore. that name belongs to my maternal grandmother, mema, who passed away shortly after our wedding. today would have been her 77th birthday, and in honor of that i'm writing a thank you for her wedding gifts and more.

dear mema,

thank you for the casserole dish. it's perfect for making my favorite tuna mac dish.

thank you for the set of china. we will enjoy using something nice when entertaining friends.

thank you for 27 years of christmas and birthday gifts. thank you for the presents that came for no particular reason, like the toy machine gun you let me pick out (even though i was supposed to be looking for a doll).

thank you for always calling me "number 1", even after the other grandkids came. you always treated each of us like "number 1".

thank you for the many, many memories that shaped my childhood, like making shadow puppets on the ceiling at bedtime or drinking sparkling cider in champagne glasses on new years' eve. thanks for cutting bologna and cheese into little squares so i could eat them with a cocktail fork. thanks for letting me "collect" the rocks in your driveway. thanks for taking me to tiger mart to stock up on candy. thanks for many, many more of the little things.

thanks for making the world's best banana pudding. it's still one of my favorite desserts.

thanks most of all for your unconditional love and support. i wouldn't be who i am today without it. i hope my kids have the same opportunity to grow up near their grandparents.


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