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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

get sick, please 

i found out yesterday that i'm getting a bonus at the end of the week from my job. i've never gotten one before, and it's a bit more than i expected. we get bonuses (or "performance incentive awards" as they are called here) when the company (all affiliates) meets a certain financial target for the year. so it's good for us when a new product is launched that does really well, or when people get sick and buy more of our stuff.

i've been told not to expect much from this program, because i've learned if you have low expectations for these kinds of things, you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. so that's the case for me this time. and since this is my first bonus, i plan on using the extra cash to pat myself on the back for a job well-done.

~ one of the good things about getting the money this week is that KEXP is having a pledge drive and now i can make a good contribution. i can't emphasize enough the importance of public radio stations, especially when we live in a country where the airwaves are dominated by massive corporations.

~ since my loving husband supported me through some really demanding times at work, i'm going to treat us to a really good dinner in the near future.

~ we are going snowboarding this weekend, courtesy of m's new company (great benefits!). my bindings are about 5 years old now, and i'm really tempted to pick up a new pair. i might be in the pro shop come friday.

so, dear reader, i wish you good health, but if you do get a cold, have a headache, or have chapped lips, think of me and next year's potential bonus when you stop at the pharmacy to remedy those conditions.


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