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Monday, January 12, 2004

weekend update 

i never know how to title my monday posts, especially if i haven't blogged over the weekend. i've got that 4 day gap from thursday to monday to cover. it was a good weekend though. we had a good mix of anti-social and social activities. i think i played way too much final fantasy, but it was well-deserved play since i hadn't touched any video game for over a week.

we headed out to see the riverdogs play on saturday night. this was the second game that we attended this season. the riverdogs are in a league that is 2 levels below our former local team, but i think the game play is more exciting than the renegades were in their last few years. the teams seem to be more evenly matched, and the riverdogs have made a lot more shots-on-goal than their opponents in the games we've attended. i hope that they can spark the interest of the area so we can keep live pro hockey going in this town.

we had dinner last night with my best friend from high school and her fiance. it was one of the best "couples" outings that we've had in a while. m had never met either of them before, but everybody eased right in to good conversation. we just have a lot in common with them, and that helped a lot. we will definitely try to get together with them more frequently.

what's up for the week? another hockey game tomorrow night (courtesy of free tix given out at saturday's game), plus more video games. m starts his new job soon, and i'll be traveling next week so we'll probably play more than people our age should. but hey, in a few years when we have kids we won't have that luxury, so we're enjoying it while we still can. i'll be posting a new s.o.w. tonight or maybe tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check.


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