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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


i wear my glasses to work. i prefer my contacts, but they're a no-no in the lab. yesterday morning, i discovered that if put my contacts in while getting ready for work, the whole "process" goes faster. so now i put them in before applying my make-up and fixing my hair. then out they come.

i think this is probably the most ridiculous point i've ever been at in my life, in terms of vanity. 5 years ago, i wouldn't have bothered with the make-up that i now wear every day. hotel maids must wonder at the amount of product i carry with me when i travel. i've become such a "girl". but i think i'm okay with that. (besides, i appear more professional at work.)

besides, i'm still not too girly on the inside. heck, i wanted a leatherman for christmas, and i carry it with me except when traveling. i read scientific american instead of cosmo. and i still wear tennis shoes and my favorite pair of 4-year-old, wide-leg, drab green pants whenever i can, preferably with a black shirt.

so i just consider myself well-balanced.


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