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Monday, January 05, 2004

shifting gears 

back at work today. it's hard to get started again after 1-1/2 weeks of vacation at home. this morning, i'm having to make a list of all my tasks for this month, because they are lost somewhere in the shuffle of my brain. i can't imagine how things will be for m when he starts working again in the next week or two. he has been at home since the first week of november.

our vacation at home was really nice though. i spent the past two days doing nothing but reading while m played video games. i almost finished an entire book over the weekend (and probably will finish it tonight). of course it wasn't anything "meaningful", just some more of the pulp fiction that i indulge in every now and then. i guess it could be worse. i could read historical romance novels.

i listed a lot of my personal goals for the year in my last post, and i have been trying to think of "blog goals" for the year as well. i want to make the s.o.w. a weekly thing instead of sporadic, but i'm also toying with the idea of some new content. for example, i think it would be cool to post recipes that m and i are trying out (especially some of our new thai ones). i'm not sure i want to transcribe that much text though. any suggestions?


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