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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

i might be wrong 

you ever buy a cd that you didn't really like at first but came to appreciate later? i purchased meadowlands by the wrens a few months ago, because some djs on kexp were raving about it so much. i listened to it twice in the car, but it really did nothing for me, as i related here. well, i think i may have to give this album another chance. i was listening to kexp this evening (with headphones), and when the song "this boy is exhausted" came on, i quickly checked the set list to see the track info so i could add it to my "wanted" list. much to my surprise, i already own the cd. so i think i'll take it in to the office with me to listen to again tomorrow. and in honor of my re-discovery of this band, i'm posting the very song that sparked my interest as this week's s.o.w. hope you enjoy!


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