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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

bag lady 

i recently decided to purchase a laptop backpack, and i'm so excited because it will be delivered today. i have a bit of a "bag fetish", but i've been really good lately and haven't purchased anything new since at least last spring. so i splurged on this a bit, since i will be carrying it for business travel. i really messed up my back the last time i went away for work, thanks to having already wrenched it earlier in the week and then having to walk a mile to the international terminal at philadelphia airport (even though i was just flying to good ol' rva). so i'm giving up on carrying a shoulder bag. they're just too heavy with a regular sized laptop, an aluminum clipboard, plus all of the papers i need during a business trip.

plus, just look, if i ever become a dj, i can fit my records in it as well.

so this bag will be good for easing physical pain from my trip next week. i wish it could do something for the mental pain, since i learned yesterday that instead of my trip being monday-friday, it will be wednesday-sunday, followed by a full week of work after that as well. worst of all? i'm going to miss the my morning jacket show here on the 24th. good bands come through here once in a blue moon, and i always seem to have some sort of conflict.


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