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Thursday, December 04, 2003

random ramblings 

i feel like such a slack blogger. work has been busy, and i am sucked into a book at home right now, so i just haven't had the time to write. here's a smattering of news/reviews/etc. from my life.

~ lucy climbed onto the couch last night for the first time, and she seems to be completely housebroken now. our little girl is growing up too fast. i keep telling her to stop because i won't get another puppy for a while. two dogs is enough for us. our next "baby" will be a human one.

~ i updated the s.o.w. today. the new selection is fallen angel by elbow from their latest album, which will be released in the US next year. check the link on the right to hear the track.

~ we still haven't started our christmas shopping (no surprise), and i'm kinda scared about it. my plan is to complete as much as possible during the week and avoiding any shopping area on the weekends. since m isn't working right now, i may have him chase down some things on weekdays. for those who have the desire to buy for me, i have been updating my amazon wishlist (also linked on the right).

~ m and i have been expanding our culinary repertoire lately. we are making a lot of meals without using recipes and just creating from things that we have around the kitchen. it's been a lot of fun. hopefully we'll have the time to take some more cooking classes after the holidays. the thai cooking class that we took this summer proved to be very useful.

that's all for now . . .


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