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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

the world on ice 

m and i were watching the tampa bay/washington game on tv last night, where the caps absolutely slaughtered the lightning. i had just been commenting on tampa bay's good season (they are 2nd in points in the east), and washington is having a terrible season (they're last in the east), so this game was a bit of a shocker. i'm hoping this will be a good year for southern teams, and hope to see tampa bay go at least as far as carolina did 2 years ago (the stanley cup finals).

even though the caps are the closest nhl team to us, i feel a sort of affinity for the lightning. i guess it's just because i've spent so much time in tampa for work over the last few years; it's almost like a second home to me. (you know you've been to a city a lot when you can get around without a map and know where to find the essentials - target, borders, etc.) i'm definitely going to try to catch a lightning game when i'm there again in january or march. i hope they can keep winning their games and finish the season at the top.


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