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Monday, November 03, 2003


well, m and i had a nice, long weekend, thanks to the fact that we were sharing our first cold as a married couple. i was fighting the bug all week, and it was just setting in with him, so we both took a sick day on friday. it helped me a lot, which was a good thing considering my work schedule for the next few weeks. m is feeling some better, but things may really kick in while he's traveling next week. we'll keep him dosed up on cold medicine for the next few days though, and hopefully he can beat the cold before it gets too bad.

so halloween was very uneventful for us. we slept a lot and kept the lights off that night to ward off any trick-or-treaters. last year we were wide open for business though, but didn't have anyone come by. all the kids go to the next street over and skip ours, so we didn't feel too much like "halloween scrooges".

we caught up on some yard work on saturday and began our attempt to repair our bathroom sink. we've been to 3 hardware stores in the past 2 days, and we finally reached the conclusion that we need to replace the whole faucet. those things are not cheap! (unless you want a really cheap one, that is.) but we have a shiny new delta ready to install tonight. i really enjoy working on these kinds of projects with m because i get to help a lot with the work instead of just watching. i think i am pretty mechanically inclined, and i love taking things apart and/or putting them together.

m and i played a good amount of ssx 3 this weekend and unlocked peak 2. when i blogged about this game last week, i completely forgot to mention the awesome soundtrack. this is definitely one of the top game soundtracks of all time, right up there with the wipeout series. here's a sampling of the artists that featured in the game: alpine stars, jane's addiction, royksopp, caesars, audio bullys, fischerspooner, x-ecutioners, aphrodite, and lots more. now if i could only copy the whole set to my iPod to take on the mountain whenever we go out this season.

and speaking of iPods, iTunes is now available for windows users. i downloaded it this morning, and can't wait to play when i get home (after the faucet installation of course).


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