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Monday, November 10, 2003

monday monday 

well, i had my first weekend without m since we've been married. our planes passed each other at the gate in richmond on friday. it hasn't been too bad without him (yet), but mostly because my sister stayed with me over the weekend. last night was kinda eerie though, since the house was so quiet.

my sis and i had a good visit this weekend, and we even hosted a ladies' brunch on sunday. it was great to catch up with the girls. i found out that my best friend from high school is getting married in may '04. i heard lots of compliments on our house, and everyone loved our wedding photos. sis and i had dinner with our parents last night. we went out for sushi, which i haven't had in forever (m's not a fan). it was a good visit, although i had to keep it short since i had to be up at 4:15 this morning to make my flight to jersey.

i'm on the road again for a few days, so i had to board the dogs. it was so sad when i dropped them off yesterday. lucy was so scared that she was shaking, and she threw up in the car and on my sister's jacket. what a mess! i felt so bad for her. i called the kennel today, and both dogs are having fun now. the kennel where they are staying this time has a "living room" set up for the dogs, with couches and a tv (they play 2 dog movies each day). i think it will be good for lucy in the long run; she's fierce around the house but gets pretty nervous outside her "territory".

m and i are keeping in touch this week through the new webcams that he picked up last week. msn messenger is pretty good with video. these webcams will be really nice to have since i'm traveling so much in the next 6 months.

ugh, my 4:15 am rising is catching up with me now, and i've lost my train of thought. here's a little photo to put your day in perspective. the red golf belongs (belonged) to my friend jason. he's fine, but looking forward to a nice check from the transit department.


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