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Thursday, October 09, 2003

that wonderful time of year 

yes, dear readers, one of my favorite times of the year is here. not only is the weather cooling nicely, some of my favorite events happen in october. here's a list:

1) both of my parents' birthdays - always nice to celebrate.
2) graves mountain apple festival - fall is the perfect time for a picnic in the mountains. buying the wonderful homemade jams, apple sauce, and more is an added bonus.
3) richmond highlands festival - my dad and i have been going to this together for years, and our "clan" keeps growing. m's family is going with us this year too.

november's looking good too. la petite france should be having their anniversary dinner at the start of the month, and we plan on going again this year. plus the weather will get even cooler, and i can start wearing my favorite apparel again - coats!

this winter is supposed to be a good one, and i'm planning on making up for a missed season of snowboarding. m didn't have health insurance last year, and i had to save most of my vacation time for wedding related things (we *had* to take a honeymoon). m signed us up at the new gold's gym location in the fan, which has better equipment and should be less crowded than the ymca. we should definitely be in good shape by the time the slopes are ready.

so even though i'm traveling and busy as heck, life is quite nice right now. and i can definitely deal with that.


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