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Monday, October 20, 2003

pets rule 

i am continually amazed at how much joy our dogs bring into our household. no matter what kind of issues m and i may have to deal with at work, huygens and lucy always make us leave them at the door when we get home. when i came in for lunch today, i was feeling a little sad and was on the verge of tears. i had been listening to the o brother soundtrack in my car today, and when track 4 came on during my drive home for lunch, i started crying a little. i guess i still can't listen to it since it was played at my grandmother's funeral almost 5 months ago. after the funeral, i listened to the soundtrack for weeks and it seemed to ease my sorrow. now i cry every time i hear it. i guess i still have some grieving to do.

as soon as i let the dogs out of their crates, lucy started jumping around, trying to lick my face. even huygens got into the act. before we got our first dog, i never would have imagined how much having a pet could improve my mood. it's no wonder that they say people who have pets live longer. they don't judge you, they are always willing to have you love them, and they always return that love.

so whether you prefer dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, etc, i highly recommend getting a pet. they do require time, so if you travel a lot then don't get one; but otherwise they are definitely worth the work.

here's a current pic of our 2. aren't they just adorable?!?


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