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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

on the road again and again and again 

well, i'm back in south jersey again and this trip isn't as "pleasant" as the last one. we wasted an entire day yesterday due to a documentation snafu (not done in time, not my fault), i spent two hours (thanks to faulty directions) trying to find a cvs this afternoon to refill a prescription, and my room service dinner was partially incorrect and barely edible. i managed to consume enough to quiet my growling stomach, then the tray went back in the hallway. a colleague was traveling with me, but she left today for greener pastures.

i hate to sound like a cry baby, but this trip leaves me with a bad feeling since my travel schedule for the next year or so gained significant definition this week and it will be quite intense. but, hopefully (and if the manager i'm working with now gets her way), this traveling will pay off for me in the long run. i know i posted that before, but i need to repeat it to myself to alleviate my homesickness.

there have been good points in this trip though, including a great rental car, a successful shopping trip, and some good thai food last night. tomorrow night, my business hosts here are taking me out for spanish food, which is definitely a treat. and, in addition to returning home this weekend, m and i are going to see interpol on saturday night. that makes 2 dates on consecutive weekends with my hubby. in spite of all my traveling woes, my life is very good.


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