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Monday, October 06, 2003

on a monday 

well, i don't feel like i did much real work today. maybe a bit at the end of the day, but i was mostly catching up on the nonsense (i.e. email) that piled up when i was in jersey last week. at least i didn't have any meetings! i'm pretty booked up tomorrow though, including a vet appointment for lucy and a phone call from seattle about the KEXP posses.

i don't think i've blogged about this yet, but i'm super stoked about a project i've taken on. KEXP has been asking for listeners who want to organize "posses" in different cities. i volunteered to do stuff in richmond, and we had our first "gathering" on sunday. we traded mix CDs and brainstormed about how we can promote the station in rva. we already have a KEXP rva posse group, where i try to keep the calendar updated. we also are thinking about having an "indie rock" DJ night.

i was on college radio for a few semesters, and i loved it. i almost switched my major to mass comm. KEXP is like my dream radio station. and i would love to see them do really well, not just in seattle. richmond has lots of college students and some non-students as well, all with internet access, who would enjoy listening to the station. maybe we would get a few more shows or something too.

i'm also happy about the possibility of putting on a dj night again. i used to book shows in town, and most recently, my friend v and i had a dance night with another person. unfortunately, there were some issues with the other person, and it kind of fell apart. i'm going to ask v to help me with this KEXP promotion event. i think she's been itching for a project too.

so i have my posse, and m has his richmond .NET user group. we're both doing work with things that we are into. and our dogs keep us entertained at home. and we're more in love than ever. life *is* good.


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