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Thursday, October 16, 2003

early return 

well, i'm back at home today, one day early. some equipment broke today, so we didn't make anything. i'll have to go back in a few weeks once it's fixed, but i don't care: i'm just happy to be home with m and the puppies.

when i got home today, i was in a pretty rotten mood. i never sleep well when i travel, and it was catching up with me. plus i wrenched my back on sunday because i brought a big suitcase. nice work clothes for a whole week take up a lot of space. and the stuff i bought at macy's the other day (including shoes) made my suitcase even heavier. i decided to take a bath when i got home.

and what a bath it was! i used the sake bath that m gave me on our first christmas. the water was really hot, and i turned the heater too. and i listened to my cd of koto music. now i am totally relaxed.

i think i let m down a little, since he's been longing for a home-cooked meal. well, i'll be more than happy to make one tomorrow, but tonight i requested take-out. i'm just going to take it easy and unwind.


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