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Monday, October 06, 2003

do not call . . . 

. . . just ring the doorbell. well, i guess since they can't call us anymore, the newspaper has hired people to go door to door. here's what i just experienced.


ding dong

me: hmm, who is that?

huygens: arf arf

julie looks through peephole, then opens front door. a teenage girl stands on the porch, some sort of stack of forms and pen in hand.

extremely fast-talking girl: hello. sorry to disturb you at this time. my name is (deleted), and today we are running a special in your neighboorhood today. just let me fill this out so we can get you started.

huygens tries to run out front door. julie catches him.

julie: who do you work for again?

eftg: the richmond times-dispatch.

julie: we don't want the newspaper.

julie shuts front door.


they used to call us all the time. m expressly told them to remove us from their list, long before the FCC's list went into effect. if this door-to-door thing starts happening on a regular basis, he'll have to give them another nasty phone call.


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