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Monday, September 22, 2003

warning . . . girliness follows 

i do need to get a little "girly" here and gush about one of my purchases from our trip to the mall yesterday. after we picked up some kitchen gadgets at crate & barrel, and new cases for my ipod and our laptops at the mac store, m let me splurge and buy a new dress and jewelry from the nicole miller store.

i don't follow fashion, and most of my wardrobe is comprised of articles that are at least 2 years old, but i love nicole miller's designs. i really wanted one of her dresses for our rehearsal dinner, but with all of the other pre-wedding expenses, i couldn't bring myself to buy a dress i wasn't sure i would wear again. we have a 6 pm wedding to attend this weekend, so that's my excuse for buying this long, slinky *red * dress. i can't find a photo online, and i'm not brave enough to post one of myself in the dress, but i feel like a celebrity in this outfit. and m loves it too, and that's even better!


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