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Friday, September 26, 2003


the lights came back on at home yesterday, so m and i moved back home with the puppies. staying at my parents' house was like a mini-vacation, it was nice to sleep in our own bed last night. our neighbors think we're wimps for not sticking it out like they did, and we just respond that if they had a place to go, they'd probably go there too. they have agreed with that statement.

i've also been trying to recover from a stomach bug. the whole ordeal began after that wonderful meal, where i couldn't hold down anything for about a six-hour period. i've had a low grade fever for 2+ days now, and i am easily fatigued. i'm working as best i can from home, because i have some critical stuff right now. my mom even had to drive some things down to the office for me yesterday, and pick some things up. it's cool, but i'm still waiting for my company laptop. thank goodness for my USB drive keychain.

anyway, i'm feeling a bit better today, but i'm staying home to rest because i have to travel next week to NJ. both of the managers i'm working with now told me to stay home, so i'm taking their advice. my appetite is getting better though (i had a little bit of ice cream last night), and i should be back on my feet by tomorrow. i'm glad too, because one of my friends at work is getting married tomorrow, and i am looking forward to dancing with my husband.


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