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Thursday, September 11, 2003

playing catchup 

alright, i'm going to write a bit here to try to catch up for the past week. life is a little bit hectic right now, so i haven't been on the net much at all, even including email. sorry to people that i owe replies to; they're coming slowly.

we picked lucy up on monday. she's doing well, although she's not taking to her crate as well as huygens did. i ended up sleeping with her on the couch tuesday night because we couldn't get her to stop crying. last night we tried the ticking clock and hot water bottle tricks. they worked pretty well, and i only had to get up twice to take her out. anyway, i'll try to post some pics soon.

while we were out running errands on saturday, we stopped in at borders. it used to be m's "fun" store, because of their good selection of computer books. but now i've grown to love going there too. even though i got 4 items, they still cost less than the single book that m bought. i picked up these things this weekend:

bringing down the house - this book is about some MIT students that made a lot of money cheating in vegas. a great testament to geek power!

papercrafts and origami - this was a bargain book (only $5.99), but its got a lot of neat ideas for papercraft projects including papier-mache, decoupage, and paper cutting. i've always enjoyed working with paper and cardboard, and now i can learn how to do more. i see a lot of potential for christmas gifts.

the hockey news 2003-2004 yearbook - the nhl preseason starts in just 1 week, so this guide is essential for keeping up with the teams. i'm playing in 2 fantasy leagues this year, so i have to know about my players.

q radiohead - q magazine (from the UK) has published a special edition that is all about radiohead. if you love this band, then spend the $10 for the magazine. the layout is incredible (2 of my graphic artists friends were oohing and aahing over it), and you'll learn everything about radiohead that you ever wanted to know (including the meaning behind a lot of their lyrics).

needless to say, my stack of reading material at home is growing exponentially. but hey, isn't variety the spice of life?


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