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Monday, September 29, 2003

back into the swing of things 

well, today will be my first day back in the office since wednesday morning. i know it will be crazy, because i have to catch up on things from last week and travel to NJ tomorrow for the rest of this week. it's the first time i've had to travel (for work) since march, and i'm not really enthused about it. this trip signifies the beginning of many many trips over the next 18 months. it will pay off for me in the end though. this project is just "political" enough to make me more visible to all the right people.

we were able to attend the wedding on saturday night, although we only stayed at the reception long enough to say hello to the bride and groom. i was getting tired, and there weren't many places to sit. i didn't want to "overdo" it since i was so sick last week and have so much to do this week. their marriage rites were similar to ours (even used the same Bible passage for the devotion), so the ceremony had sentimental value for me. our minister recommended that we go with traditional vows (versus writing our own) for that very reason. i'm glad we took his advice.

time to shower. if i can get a free minute at the office, i will try to write more. m is "out-blogging" me right now, and i want to try to keep up.


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