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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

s.o.w. and more 

this week's s.o.w. comes from the brooklyn group tv on the radio. the song is "satellite" from their young liars ep, and man, is it good. the tension that these guys create in their music is amazing. it's like the energy that you feel when you're anticipating something that you really really really like. also, here's a link to another track "staring at the sun". both tracks are a taste of the great things to come from this group. i just can't wait for a full-length album!


on another note, i was watching the news last night and saw a segment on a memorial service for a local radio dj who recently died of cancer. he did a lot of work to promote local bands and was really admired by the community. the newscaster said that he was one of the last "old style djs" in the area, and defined "old style dj" as one who picks the music they play on the air. isn't that sad that djs don't select their own music anymore? thanks to groups like the evil empire, playlists are decided by corporate lackeys weeks or months in advance. thank goodness for stations like kexp where the djs always select their own music and can actually take requests from listeners.


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