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Tuesday, August 12, 2003


our weekend was fairly uneventful. we made a new thai dish on sunday - m's favorite noodles of the drunk. they were pretty good. m woke up yesterday with another kidney stone, so he has been pretty miserable. we're both pretty slammed at work right now, with m's project nearing launch and a new project gearing up for me. we've been going to bed at 9 for the past 2 weeks so we can get up and get to work a little bit earlier.

i can't believe that i forgot to blog about my first product launch. yes, my very first product shipped to trade on july 30, 15 days ahead of schedule. they're even making a tv commercial which should air sometime this fall.

we're still looking forward to the arrival of our new puppy. we still haven't settled on a name yet, but i like the name "lucy". if you have any suggestions, please email me. we've only got about 1 month left until we can bring her home.

so that's some random news from my life. i haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately, but i think that's beginning to turn around. now i just have to find the time to blog!


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