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Monday, July 07, 2003

one week later 

it's been over a week since mema passed away. we drove to big stone gap and back in 2 days. it was nice to see the mountains again, even though i would rather have done it under happier circumstances. we grilled out on the 4th at my parents' house, enjoyed some much needed chill time on saturday, and cleaned the heck out of the house yesterday.

today we begin our emergence from "newly-weddedness". perhaps we took longer than we should have, but hey, we see nothing wrong with pampering ourselves every once-in-a-while. but now we're working to get back to a routine that includes exercise, eating well, and study. also we're getting serious about finishing "our home". we'll be incorporating my things into the house. we've even prioritized buying a new bedroom set instead of a dining room set (based upon our need for clothing storage).

time to get ready for work. maybe more later.


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