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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

a new addition? 

m and i are considering adding a second puppy to our little family unit. huygens has spent a lot of time with his "cousins" this summer, and he really enjoys the company. i've heard that having a 2nd dog isn't much more work than the first, and if our new pup takes to housebreaking like huygey did, then it will be a breeze. i've been email our breeder and found out that huygens' mother will have a new litter at the end of the month. the sire is the same too, so if we get one from this litter, the new puppy will be a full sibling to huygens. how cool is that? so now we're trying to decide whether to get a girl or a boy, and what to name her/him. we won't be able to bring her/him home until september, but i'm getting so excited about it already.

the funny thing is, before we got huygens, m and i never thought we would have one dog. now we want a second. how crazy are we!?!


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