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Friday, June 06, 2003

it's friday again, and another half-day for me. how great are summer hours?!? today will also be my last official day as my maiden name. yep, i'm going to the social security office today to put my name change through. i got my new drivers license yesterday (complete with a new terrible picture). i still have to sort things out with various bills and bank accounts and that stuff, but the social security is the biggest deal, since i can change my info at work after that.

i never had doubts about changing my name, but a lot of people have been surprised that i'm doing so. i have no professional reason for keeping my maiden name. i don't feel that it's a feminist issue anymore either, since women now have the choice to change their name after marriage instead of just assuming their husband's name. and i love my husband so much that i really want to be "mrs. richardson". i am keeping my maiden name as my middle name though, since my father was an only child and had 2 daughters.


if you're reading my blog this morning, be sure to tune into kexp today at noon (eastern time, 9 am pacific) to hear ben gibbard of the postal service and death cab for cutie play an acoustic set on the morning show. it will be a treat for your ears!


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