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Friday, June 13, 2003

friday ramblings 

a few scattered notes for friday morning . . .


top 3 songs from radiohead's hail to the thief

1. track 9 - there there (the boney king of nowhere)
2. track 11 - a punchup at a wedding (no no no no no no no)
3. track 12 - myxomatosis (judge, jury & executioner)


i was going through some of our wedding cards again last night, and it really touched me because so many of my close friends gave us square cards. my friends at the office where i worked in college also usually give me square cards. i love square cards. a whole lot. so it was just really cool to see that so many people remembered that and bought square cards for us. i can't explain my affinity for them, but i suspect that i am drawn to them because they are similar in shape to cd cases.


i'm on a major junk food kick right now, at least until next week when i can start doing the whole healthy thing again. here's what i'm digging in particular (in no particular order):

1. tropical fruits skittles
2. tropical sprite remix
3. mountain dew livewire
4. orville redenbacher honey butter popcorn
5. gensoy crisps (they taste really good and are definitely the healthiest item on this list)


oh, and since i'm endorsing products right now, let me offer some info for my female readers (or guys too if you are inclined to shave your legs). i'm sure you've seen the new schick intuition razor. the first time i saw this product in the store, i thought it was a terrible idea; but since i am in the consumer product industry, i had to try it out. i was pleasantly surprised. it's great for summer when you have to shave more frequently. it doesn't give a super close shave, but it's really good for shaving in the shower before work on days that you are wearing a skirt. it saves the time that you would usually spend fooling around with soap or a can of shaving cream. and i have yet to cut myself while using it. find one on sale (try target) and try it out for yourself.


have a fabulous friday!


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