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Monday, June 23, 2003

car and photos 

well, the ordeal of switching out my car is almost over. we returned my '02 jetta gls 1.8t to carmax last week and picked up m,y new '03 jetta gls 1.8t on saturday. thing is, as soon as we turned out of the dealer's lot, the emission malfunction indicator came on. this was the same pesky light that kept reappearing in the first car. now i'm all for greater environmental controls in our automobiles, but it's ridiculous when this indicator is even triggered by a gas cap that has not been tightened the proper way. the dealer was really apologetic and offered to pick the car up at my office today if the light had not reset itself. it hasn't, so i'm waiting for them to give me a call.


our professional wedding photos have been released online. they look awesome. we will get the negatives in a few months, and i plan on having those scanned to cd as well. if you're interested in checking out the photo site, email me and i'll give you the info. anyone is welcome to look at them, i just don't want to post all of the info here.

also, i'm organizing the photos from the disposable cameras. i went through one of the three cds yesterday, did some basic editing (red eye, adjusting levels and contrast), and have started uploading some of the photos. i'll share the site info as soon as i get things a little bit more set up.


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