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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

as hot as hades 

summer has arrived with a bang, and our central air at home could not have picked a better week to give up the ghost. we had it serviced on monday with a temporary fix that was supposed to last a few weeks until we replace the coils, but when we got home from work yesterday, we realized that it wasn't working again. hopefully we can get someone to fix it today, but i have the feeling that we'll have to check into a hotel tonight and just pray that someone can work on it tomorrow.

how have we become so dependent on artificial cooling and heating? i doubt that the temperature in our house went over 75 degrees last night, but m and i were both miserable. how did people stay cool before air conditioning was so afforable?

all i know is, summertime in the south is becoming unbearable. i need to be someplace with a cooler climate.


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