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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

while driving to work this morning after picking up a yucky loaner car (dodge neon), i heard a report on npr about audio blogger. i found the whole discussion of "finding a good blog" to be a bit insulting. i think it assumes that blogs should be filled with some sort of higher content. blogs are way more personal than that. i see nothing wrong with writing about my day to day life. in fact, a lot of my family and friends use this site to find out what i'm up to. i would love it if more of them blogged as well, because it's not always convenient to email or call every person in your life when you've got a lot of things going on. i try to include links to things that i'm listening to, sites that i find interesting, or other tidbits of information that i think should be shared. and if a total stranger enjoys reading my site, then that's cool too.

i'm not trying to change the world through my blog, i'm just providing a window into my world.


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