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Friday, May 02, 2003

m and i ordered thai take-out last night, and the restaurant happens to be down the block from my favorite record store (the only one in town worth going to). m suggested that we go to the store while waiting for our food. when i showed up at the register with 3 new cds in hand, m said "we weren't supposed to buy anything." well, he should know better than that. here's what i got:

zwan: mary star of the sea - currently in my car stereo (i got my car back yesterday). like i said before, think back to when smashing pumpkins were good, and you've got zwan. great for driving around and singing to.
elefant: sunlight makes me paranoid - listened to it at work this morning. i've heard too much of this band on kexp lately to not buy the cd. plus i love the bowie-esque vocals. yum!
portastatic: the summer of the shark - currently in my cd player at work. happy, not over-produced, and a perfect summer soundtrack.

one note for all you rva locals, be careful out there this weekend. race fans are crazy drivers!!


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