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Monday, May 05, 2003

i'm getting a lot of hits lately for variations on nudist pictures. weird, huh? i guess i'll get more now, since i put the word on my blog. oh jees. well, traffic is traffic.


yesterday we had the family over for k's (m's brother) birthday. we had a nice cookout, and it was our turn to host all of the dogs (4 pugs, 1 bulldog, 1 boston terrier, 1 german shepherd). they are the weirdest group when they get together. i should have taken a picture. it's great though, because they wear each other out. huygens was asleep on his bed almost as soon as people walked out the door.


i ordered placecards and ceremony programs on saturday night. the countdown is rapidly accelerating. only 12 days until the wedding. m and i have a 2nd countdown, which is now officially at the 2 week mark before we are in jamaica.

everyone keeps asking us if we're nervous. i guess we're expected to have momentary cold feet or something, but it hasn't happened and i don't think it will. m and i never do anything that we're not sure of, and i've never been more sure about anything in my life.


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