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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

3 days to go, and i've come down with a cold. some time on monday night i developed a killer sore throat and actually got the chills. i haven't been cold in months, not even in the winter. so i spent the day at home yesterday, sleeping and drinking fluids, and just trying to relax. also trying to get as much zinc into my body as possible (thanks to zicam and halls defense).

i think we're ahead of the game right now, as far as the wedding plans go. thanks to my sister, my mom, and my aunt, we got all of the bows tied around our little wedding bells on monday night. m, my sister, and i finished assembling the cds last night (check out the fabulous insert here). now we just have to get new ceremony program paper, since kinkos messed up the ones we bought last week. i am just *so* glad that we decided to get everything done with a few days to spare so we can fix problems like the programs.

we might actually get to relax one night this week!


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